Google Analytics Training

It is important to track the records such as that of visitors, clicks, and others. Learning Google Analytics is quite useful in keeping the record and working on it. Get trained in handling different tools of Google so that you can handle business through the methods of Data Collection and Analysis.

What is Google Analytics? What does it mean?

Google Analytics is the free offered services served Google itself, which tracks the complete report of web traffic coming in on the site. It is the first web analytics service launched in 2005 and gives the full insight of everyday visitors, likes, comments and the statistical report showing data according to a particular date of your website. It is accessible only to administer and to Google itself to monitor and keep an eye on regular statistics to have a better understanding of traffic on the site.

Explain the process in brief

Google Analytics works by following these four steps: Collection, configuration, processing and configuration. It collects information on the website through its JavaScript code. After this, it refers each package of information as a ‘hit’ or ‘interaction’ of the user. Likewise, all the likes and hits are received by the website to the number of times page gets viewed by a user.

  • Then, the next step is a data processing by which it turns raw data into something useful.
  • Through configuration settings, data gets stored in the database that can’t be changed if inserted once.

The Industry Scope

As Google Analytics is the most widely use web analytics services employed by most internet users across the globe and has proved to be a trustworthy service. The insights Google Analytics offers contains the wealthiest amount of information about your site, your likes, visitors of the site and where they come from. All these imperative information regarding visitors will help in increasing more conversions and can assist in adding new customers on site.


There are myriad of advantages offered by Google Analytics service to your website. Have a look at a few of them that are listed below:

  • If you own Google Analytics service, you can view your customers on the site. You can firsthand talk to them if you want this may help in adding new customers on your site.
  • The regular statistical and analytical report of website traffic is very necessary to procure one. To keep a strict eye on the daily data is crucial to increasing conversions and other social media activities too.
  • Google Analytics can give you the comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to optimize better sales and conversions.
  • Through Google Analytics, one can easily Shopify its websites, platform to have an e-commerce backdrop etc.

Google Analytics Course Syllabus

  • Creating a Google Analytics account
  • Installing tracking tags
  • Reading the dashboard, graphs, and data tables
  • Setting up report filters
  • Looking at audience demographics and interests
  • Tracking engagement with behavior reports
  • Exploring traffic with acquisition reports
  • Viewing shared content and referrals with social reports
  • Reviewing SEO feedback
  • Tracking events
  • Configuring conversion goals
  • Adding custom campaign tracking

Analytics & Webmaster Course Fee and Duration

Course Fees:

Class Duration: Monday – Friday (Regular – 2 Hours)

Saturday – Sunday (Weekend- 3 Hours)

Course Duration: 1 Month (Regular) and 1.5 Months (Weekend)

Timings: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM All 7 Days Open

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